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Will you Move for Mind this winter? Raise money to join the fight for mental health, whilst also starting up a new healthy habit.
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How it works

This winter get going, raise money and join the fight for mental health. It’s time to Move for Mind.

The best part? You can do any activity you like. Have a dance round your living room, a jog round the park before work, or walk along the coast each weekend. You can even team up and take it on with your friends, too.

Your 30 days don’t have to be one after another - take your time and have fun. Exercise is personal, so pace it out in a way that works, but make sure you’re finished by March 2.

We’ll even send a t-shirt your way when you hit that first £50, and a medal when you raise £150, and a Move for Mind beanie when you reach £350.

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